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Voices in Exile is moving to Blogger

August 18, 2009

We would like to let our readers know that we are officially moving our blog to the Blogger service, and our new URL will be . While has served us well, and remains a good service, we still are unsure of the exact circumstances and reasons for the (brief) termination of our blog.

Since our trust has now been broken already in suspicious circumstances, we felt it imprudent to believe that it could not happen again to us. Read more…


Review: Sri Lankan Journalism, Its Fact-Finding, and the Internet

June 14, 2009

by Gogol G.

Groundviews did further digging into the Sunday Times’ story about Bob Rae, and its shoddy attempt to use Wikipedia as a source to paint Bob Rae as an LTTE supporter.

As expected, what Groundviews found was a trail of facts that all point to the dubiousness of the original Sunday Times article.  This report from Groundviews is commendable for taking the extra step to investigate this.

However, I’d like to point out and correct something quite glaring.   Read more…

Opinion: WordPress Suspending Our Blog and the Larger Context

June 13, 2009

Voices in Exile noticed on June 10 that WordPress had suspended our blog, and our blog said that the site had been suspended due to a violation of the terms of service.  We are not sure on which day the blog was suspended.   WordPress suspended our account and did not notify us about any concerns before, at the time of, or any time after the suspension until we notified them.  This is very unfortunate, since we see ourselves as a forum for the free expression of people’s opinions and for intelligent dialogue on all of the confusing happenings around Sri Lanka and the world.  We contacted WordPress regarding this incident, and telling them that our blog holds itself to high standards of content and openness of dialogue.  Here is the response from them, one day later:
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Testimonial: Life as a female Tamil Tiger guerilla relived by one of first female soldiers

May 27, 2009

Life as a female Tamil Tiger guerilla relived by one of first female soldiers

In 1987, aged 17, Niromi de Soyza shocked her middle-class Sri Lankan family by joining the Tamil Tigers. One of the rebels’ first female soldiers, equipped with rifle and cyanide capsule, she was engaged in fierce combat.

Last Updated: 5:19PM BST 08 May 2009

December 23 1987 was a warm, clear day, and I was hiding under a lantana bush with eight of my comrades in a village north of Jaffna. With our rifles cocked and our cyanide capsules clenched between our teeth, we awaited the soldiers who had been scouring the area for us for several hours. Our orders were to empty our magazines into them before biting into the glass capsules we called ‘kuppies’ that hung on a thread around our necks. As a Tamil Tiger guerrilla, there was no honour in being caught alive.

There had been 22 of us that morning – nine boys and 13 girls, aged between 15 and 26 (I was 17). Now, four of my comrades were missing, two were wounded. Ten were dead.
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Opinion: What does the future hold for Sri Lanka? Quel avenir pour Sri Lanka?

May 25, 2009

What does the future hold for Sri Lanka?
by Eric Meyer, Professor at Inalco, Paris
Article date : 30-04-2009

The political system, society and economy of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) were thoroughly shaken up by more than a quarter of a century-old conflict (1983-2009) between the Sinhalese majority government (75% of the population) and the Tamil separatist guerrilla led by the organisation of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The latter which controlled vast territories between 1990 and 2007 in the north and east of the island, and had built a force capable of inflicting heavy losses on the Colombo Army, has lost most of its territories and military potential since 2008, and finds itself driven to defeat on a cramped coastal strip, where it was retaining about fifty thousand civilians, by the end of April 2009, to use them as a human shield. After suspending hostilities for two days on the occasion of Sinhalese and Tamil new year (14th April), fights resumed and the Sri Lankan Army moved forward till the sea, triggering a mass exodus of civilians, which as of 29th April, continued under disastrous sanitary conditions.
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Opinion: Sick of these Tamil Protests, Eh?

May 23, 2009

by Sunthar V

Sick of these Tamil Protests, Eh?

Let me take you to the side and speak to you. Away from the crazy mass of Tamils who have blocked your roads, caused commuter chaos and made your life so miserable through their protests. So miserable, that you feel they should be stripped of their Canadian citizenships and shipped back to wherever the hell they came from.

As Torontonians recover their lost sympathy from last week’s University Avenue hold-up, and brace for yet another human chain rally put forth by these Tamils, there are many thoughts that explode out of my rather youthful Tamil-Canadian upbringing. Yes, I too am a Tamil. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a terrorist nor am I a difficult individual. I do however, have a long last name and I am the first generation of my family to receive a post-secondary education, but never has my upbringing consisted of resentfulness towards what my family calls home, Canada. I would never give up this country for anything, and my pride for it mirrors my favourite beer commercials.

However, I cannot express the same sort of pride towards our government. Read more…

Video Interview: CBC Newsworld Interview with Phillip Koneswaren

May 22, 2009

Phillip Koneswaren, interviewed by Peter Forestell
CBC Newsworld
May 11, 2009

A full transcript follows.
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