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Audio Interview: Neelan Thiruchelvam’s Wife Speaks Out

May 6, 2009
Andrew Hosken
2 May 2009

But, the Tamil Tigers kill their own, too.

“I didn’t hear the explosion, but apparently, a suicide bomber had had to go onto the other side because my husband had moved.”

Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam, a moderate Tamil intellectual, was murdered by the Tamil Tigers 10 years ago. His widow, Sithi, holds no rancor for those who killed her husband:

“A large proportion of the blame, in all this, is in the successive state governments that we’ve had. They have failed us, much, much more than — The Tigers have taken a people who have been extremely traumatised by the inequity of governance, and made them imagine a better future.”

“They are fighting for two things: language; land.”

Leading Tamil columnist, Mr T. Sabaratnam, explained how the violence followed decades of discrimination from the Singhalese majority, and thinks the defeat of the Tigers could make matters worse for ordinary Tamils, the majority of Tamils whom oppose their methods.

“Then, they feel sad because the Singhala nationalism is getting stronger.” “So there may not be a political solution, even after this defeat of the Tamil Tigers?” “No, no, the defeat of the LTTE will make the political solution more difficult.”

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