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Voices in Exile is moving to Blogger

August 18, 2009

We would like to let our readers know that we are officially moving our blog to the Blogger service, and our new URL will be . While has served us well, and remains a good service, we still are unsure of the exact circumstances and reasons for the (brief) termination of our blog.

Since our trust has now been broken already in suspicious circumstances, we felt it imprudent to believe that it could not happen again to us. We have had to look elsewhere for an alternative service. It is hard to make any assumptions about what, why, and/or who. But as shown in the current actions in Tamil Nadu that resemble the Thought Police, in which they trying erase the word Eezham, a word first used in 2000-year-old Tamil literature, and they are covering the picture of Prabhakaran, even though he is most likely dead, strange things can and do happen in this world.

And awful things happen in this world, too. The plight of every single person in the Northeast right now is a testament to this. As depressing at it is, this juncture in history is actually quite pivotal in the future course of events. Changes in the world have enabled this destruction to take place, but these changes also mean that new opportunities are possible and may emerge that can rectify the structural problems that have led to this self-destruction over the last 61 years. As the past few years, and the past few months, and the next few years to come will show, nothing is constant in this world. But what we should hold constant is our belief in dignity, justice, and peace.

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