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Here’s how you can contribute your voice:

What we’re Looking for

  • Testimonials
    We welcome witness accounts, NGO testimony, recounting of personal experiences
  • Photo Essays/Art/Multimedia/Video/Music
  • Articles/Opinion
    Please try to keep under 1000 words; the shorter, the better.
  • Relevant Film/Documentary/Book Reviews
    600 words or less.
  • Prose/Poetry
  • The Kitchen Sink
    Anything else you think we might like!


  • All submissions will be considered. Voices in Exile reserves the right to determine all final content.
  • We welcome diversity in voice, opinion, thought, style & form.
  • Reference your sources (i.e. hyperlink relevant lines straight to the source).
  • Please fact check, use proper grammar, avoid logical fallacies and ad hominem attacks in your work.
  • Please provide us with the name you wish to use for publication.
  • We are unable to provide remuneration.
  • Please send all writing as plain text in the body of the email. When sourcing statements, format your hyperlinked text using MediaWiki (i.e. Wikipedia) hyperlink formatting style (e.g. [ Voices in Exile] )
  • Each piece before publication will be reviewed by two of our editors; please send us final drafts — we do not have time to do wholesale revisions on any pieces.
  • Please be clear in your subject heading what you are sending us: i.e. submissions–insert type of submission.
  • We are few and our responsibilities are many. We will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Thank you for your submissions!

General Advice for our Writers

  • Do not assume your audience knows anything about the subject. This is where you must begin.
  • Do not weigh down your sentences with too many adjectives or adverbs; be concise and clear.
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