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Below is a compilation of recent reports, articles, and well-regarded sources on Sri Lanka and its Diaspora.

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Recent Reports

2009: Poll Shows that Tamils, Feeling Alone in the World, Embrace the Tigers

2009: No Let Up in Army Shelling – Human Rights Watch

2009: List of Victims killed From Jan 1, 2009 – March 23, 2009: War Without Witness

2009: Sri Lanka Special Report: Failure to Investigate — Committee to Protect Journalists

2009: War on the Displaced: Human Rights Watch

2009: A profile of Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues in the Vanni and Vavuniya: Centre for Policy Alternatives

2008 Human Rights Report: Sri Lanka, U.S. State Department

Reporters Without Borders, Sri lanka Annual Report 2008

Real Clear Sri Lanka (standout articles)

The Silence Surrounding Sri lanka, Arundhati Roy – The Boston Globe

Colombo’s Secret War on Terror by Angilee Shah- Far Eastern Economic Review

This Man Belonged to a Terrorist Organization. Lesley Ciarula Taylor – Toronto Star

Caught Between the Tigers and the Tanks by Stephanie Nolen, Globe and Mail

How Can People Say This is Peace by Stephanie Nolen, Globe and Mail

Hard to Achieve Peace When ‘They Just Want the Tamils … Wiped Out’ by Stephanie Nolen, Globe & Mail

Inclusion the Way to Real Peace By Howard Debenham

If the Tigers’ Battle is Lost By Anuj Chopra, The National

Sri Lanka’s Humanitarian Crisis: Trading Danger for Captivity, The Economist

China fuels Sri Lankan War By Brahma Chellanley,  Japan Times

Sri Lanka: dispute over how to help civilians in war zone By Simon Montake, Christian Science Monitor

In UN Council, March Agenda Omits Sri Lanka, UK Did Not Even Request, Libya Implies by Matthew Russell Lee, Inner City Press

On Sri Lanka, UN Meeting Called One-Off, UK Makes No Proposals, Holmes Differs from Ban by Matthew Russell Lee, Inner City Press

On Sri Lanka, Requests for UN Council Session Languish, Camp Questions Go Unanswered by Matthew Russell Lee, Inner City Press

As Sri Lanka Ignores UN’s Call for Cessation of Hostilities, Detention Camps Uncommented On by Matthew Russell Lee, Inner City Press

As Sri Lankan Army Toured UN’s Holmes, Questions Left Unanswered by Matthew Russell Lee, Inner City Press

With UN’s Holmes in Sri Lanka, Government Supported, Staff Scared, Deaths Uncommented On by Matthrew Russell Lee, Inner City Press

A Military Victory That Will Sow the Seeds of Hatred by The UK Independent

Behind the Muzzled: Voices from a Troubled Sri Lanka by Peter Foster, The UK Telegraph

British Envoy Banned in War Without Witnesses by Andrew Buncombe, The UK Independent

Tragedy in a Tear-Shaped Country by Bob Rae, Toronto Star

Genocide in Sri lanka by Bruce Fein, Boston Globe

The Anguish of Sri Lanka, Boston Globe Editorial

Des Browne and Labour’s Envoyeurism by Martin Kettle, UK Guardian

Sri Lankan Government Responds to Alleged M.I.A. Slur: “It’s Best That She Stay With What She’s Good At,” by Zach Baron, The Village Voice

M.I.A. May or May Not be a Terrorist Apologist, Says New York Times by Zach Baron, The Village Voice

Tamil Killed Himself ‘to Guide Others to Liberation,’ by Sam Jones, The UK Guardian

Kidnappings Torment Sri Lankan Families by Rick Westhead, Toronto Star

Robert Evans MEP: Who Can Protect Tamil Civilians Caught in the Conflict, UK Independent

Sri Lanka Plans to Hold Displaced Tamils in “Concentration Camps” by Dean Nelson, The UK Telegraph

How Many More Boys Have to Die? by Rick Westhead, Toronto Star

Barbed Wire Villages Raise Fears of Refugee Concentration Camps by Jeremy Page, UK Times

Sonali Samarasinghe: A Widow on the Run by Andrew Buncombe, UK Independent

Traumatized Tamils Live in Fear of New Crackdown in Sri Lanka

Information Sources

Centre for Policy Alternatives


BBC Sri Lanka

Asian Human Rights Commission- Sri Lanka

UNOCHA Sri Lanka Humanitarian Portal

Relief web Sri Lanka

World Bank- Sri Lanka

IMF -Sri Lanka

UNICEF- Sri Lanka

The Economist- Sri Lanka

Daily Mirror

Broken Palmyrah By Ranjini Thirangama

Lanka Dissent

Reporters Without Borders- Sri Lanka

Genocide Prevention Project

SIPRI – Sri Lanka defense database

Genocide Watch- Countries at Risk

Transparency International- Sri Lanka

Tamil Nation

Committee to Protect Journalists- Sri Lanka

WHO Sri Lanka

The Sunday Leader


DBS Jeyaraj

HRW- Sri Lanka

AI- Sri Lanka

International Commission of Jurists – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Rule of Law Archive


Select Writings by Taraki Sivaram

Dr Kumar Rupesinghe

International Centre for Ethnic Studies

International Crisis Group

Puligal Today

Inner City Press YouTube Channel


“And Then They Came For Me” by Lasantha Wickramatunga, Sunday Leader, 2009


Free Our Press

Inner City Press

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